Corporate Intranet - Design and Development

WindWardBT Corporate Intranet

WindWardBT Corporate Intranet can provide decentralized management of corporate communications throughout company sectors.

Corporate Intranet - Design and Development


  • Streamlines internal communication and avoids the use of paper for communication while providing an orderly communication channel.
  • Avoids the proliferation of multiple safeguards from several sources, procedures and other documents.
  • Incorporates workflow approvals and permission requests


WindWardBT Corporate Intranet will lend order and formalize internal communication; improving profitability and streamlining internal processes.   

Companies who utilize WindWardBT Corporate Intranet:

  • Pioneer
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • The House Audio, Houseware
  • ILHSA Group
  • Alco - Canale, Mendocinas Food Industries SA
  • Sinteplast


Pioneer_Logo Intranet ILHSA Group   Abbott Laboratory


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Corporate Intranet - Design and Development

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