Java for Android Development

Java is one of the most versatile widespread languages ​used for APPs and mobile applications in the corporate world.

At WindWardBT, we have a team of Java specialists for Android, which will allow your project to be carried forward with technical competence and a broad business vision.

Java for Android Development


Java for Android Development

We usually make developments for Android using the Java programming language with specifically developed kits (SDK) and with agile methodologies. 

  • DSK Android
  • Android SDK


This allows us an excellent quality and fast response time.


Android SDK

The Android SDK includes a set of development tools and consists of a code debugger, specific libraries, cell simulators, documentation generator, and tutorials.

Supported development platforms include Linux, Windows, Mac OS X 10.4.9 or subsequent. The comprehensive development platform (IDE, Integrated Development Environment) is officially supported from Eclipse with the ADT plugin (Android Development Tools plugin).

You can also use a text editor to write Java and XML files and commands to create and debug applications (JDK , Java Development Kit and Apache Ant are required ) .

All Android devices that are connected can also be controlled: they can be restarted while remote applications and functionality can be installed.

Benefits and Focus on Business

  • Understanding the customer's business
  • Designs for the best solution
  • Alternative Reviews
  • Technical capacity


We specialize in small and medium development, and we combine the experience of corporate development with the business vision that mobile applications require.


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Java for Android Development

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