WindWardBT Permissions Management WorkFlow

WindWardBT Permissions Management allows company users to request additions, deletions, or modifications of users rights directly to the I.T. Department or Security Department. 

Requests remain pending until registered as approved by appropriate managers.


The I.T. Department or Security Department performs the corresponding task, and updates its state in the WindWardBT Permissions Management System.

At all times the requesting and the destination users can check the request status and comments of the requests.


  • Best Data Update
  • Centralization of Information
  • Decentralization of the update.
  • Control
  • Workflow optional Control
  • Quick start-up


Key features

  • Help Desk / User Support Center
  • Apps permissions
  • Integration with MS AD - NDS
  • LDAP
  • WorkFlow
  • Updated User Data
  • Mails warning
  • Data Integration
  • JAVA technology
  • Web enabled System


Permissions Management System WorkFlow All in One

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