WindWardBT Data Management

Through WindWardBT Data Management your business can allow users to update personal information directly in the Corporate Directory (MS AD - Active Directory or Novell NDS)



  • Centralization of Information
  • Decentralization of the update
  • Best Data Update
  • More Control
  • WorkFlow Control
  • Quick start-up


How does it work?

WindWardBT Data Management communicates through an interface with the Corporate LDAP Directory (MS AD Active Directory or Novell NDS) and the data to modify is offered. Dependent upon the company’s procedures, the data is either updated and directly impacts the database or remains pending for further validation from upstream personnel in the workflow. Notice by e-mail system informs all levels of any operational change

Key features:

  • AD - NDS
  • LDAP
  • WorkFlow
  • Updated User Data
  • Mail warning
  • Data Integration
  • JAVA technology


Data Management System

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